Finance Canada Payments Consultative Committee


Members of FinPay Committee
Name Title Organization
Rob Stewart (Chair) Assistant Deputy Minister Department of Finance
Ron Morrow Chief, Funds Management and Banking Bank of Canada
Lucie Tedesco Commissioner Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Gerry Gaetz President and CEO Canadian Payments Association
Terry Campbell President Canadian Bankers Association (CBA)
    Two representatives from CBA member institutions*
Martha Durdin President and CEO Credit Union Central of Canada
Dan Kelly President and CEO Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Diane Brisebois President and CEO Retail Council of Canada
Kirkland Morris V.P. Enterprise Strategy Interac
Brian Lang President MasterCard Canada
Robert Livingston Country Manager and President Visa Canada
Cameron Schmidt General Manager PayPal Canada
Fern Glowinsky** COO Moneris Solutions Corp.
Stephen Frank VP, Policy Development and Health Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association
John Lawford*** Executive Director Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Lisa Shields President and CEO Hyper Wallet
John Zajic Vice President TelPay
William Piggott VP, Banking ADP Canada
Clinton Keay Executive Vice President, Finance Sobeys Inc.
Lawrence Cooke CEO NanoPay
Ron Matthews   Independent
Robert Kerton President Consumer Interest Alliance Incorporated

* Two rotating seats are reserved for a member institution, which are chosen by the CBA
** Intention is to always have one acquirer representative on the committee, with the representative rotating every two years amongst the acquirers.
*** Intention is to always have two consumer group representatives on the committee, with the representatives rotating every two years amongst consumer groups.

Terms of Reference


FinPay (or the Committee) is a forum of public and private sector representatives to discuss industry level developments in the Canadian payments system.

FinPay’s mandate is to:

  • Advise Finance Canada on developments related to public policy aspects of payments issues (e.g. competition, innovation, safety, user needs or consumer protection);
  • Discuss approaches for dealing with emerging and ongoing challenges/opportunities in the payments system; and
  • Inform Government policy-making about the Canadian payments system.

Working groups may be established under FinPay as appropriate to further these objectives.


FinPay is chaired by the Assistant Deputy Minister, Financial Sector Policy Branch, Finance Canada.


Membership of FinPay is determined by Finance Canada and includes stakeholders from the public and private sectors, representing established payments industry players, newer entrants, corporate users, merchants and consumers. There is a mix of permanent and renewable term members. For permanent member organizations, individual representatives may change but members should seek to promote some continuity in their representation. For the renewable term positions, efforts should be made to stagger appointments so that annual turnover in membership will be no more than one third of the group.

The Committee may also draw from time to time on experts from the industry to inform the dialogue on select issues. Experts may be invited to meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Frequency of Meetings

FinPay meets no less frequently than bi-annually. The frequency of meetings may be adjusted as necessary.

Proceedings and Documents

Finance Canada is present at all Committee and any working group meetings and performs the secretariat duties for FinPay. Finance Canada distributes meeting materials to members two weeks in advance of each meeting.

Minutes of meetings are taken on a non-attribution basis and made available to all members. The recorded proceedings of this Committee could be subject to Access to Information requests.

Finance Canada does not ask members to share commercially sensitive information with the Committee, and will foreclose any discussions among members on this topic.

Each meeting begins with a tour de table. Members are encouraged to raise issues that should be considered by the Committee at future meetings.

Members are invited to provide input (submissions, comments, etc.) to Finance Canada at any time on payments-related issues.